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Elif Ockers (エリフ オケレス)ドイツvoiceViktória Kiss (ヴィクトリア キッシ)  ドイツ

My name is Viktória but you can call me by my nickname Viki. I'm from a small town next to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. I'm 16 years old and I'm in the first grade at home. I speak Hungarian, English and I've just started learning Russian at school. I have been studying Japanese for 2 years now in a language school and I would like to improve my Japanese here and be able to speak it fluently. I'm also very interested in the Japanese culture and lifestyle and I really want to learn how people live in Japan since it's totally different from my country. At home I'm dancing the Hungarian folkdance but here I'd like to try as many things as I can like kendo or ikebana. I'm so grateful that I had a chance to be an exchange student! It was my biggest dream and now it's real! Thank you for hosting me for this one year. I will do my best as a Shoin student. I can't wait to talk to you and to get to know people here!