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Elif Ockers (エリフ オケレス)ドイツvoiceElif Ockers (エリフ オケレス)  ドイツ

My name is Elif. I live in a small town in Germany near Frankfurt. I am now 16 years old and go to the first grade of high school in Germany. I can speak English, German, Dutch, a little French and Turkish. My goal for this exchange is to learn to speak Japanese fluently and to discover the Japanese lifestyle. I like to watch animes, do sports, play the violin, listen to all kinds of music and I like to talk to people and discover new things. I hope I can experience many things, learn about fascinating things from the Japanese lifestyle and go to places I have never been to before. I’m looking forward to talking with you!




NGUYEN KHAC NHU(クエンガ・ヌー) ベトナムVoiceNGUYEN KHAC NHU(クエンガ・ヌー)  ベトナム

Hello everyone. My name is Nhu (20). I’m from Vietnam and I’m an international student at Shoin University. I came to Japan 6 years ago to study Japanese, arts and to learn more about Japan’s people and culture.

I'm currently hanging around ELTC at noon on every Monday and Friday. If you like English and wish to speak or have an English conversation then I suggest you come to ELTC. Here we can have an one-on-one talk, play games, watch movies or listen to music. The topics for these are free, you can choose whatever you think is best or interests you.

In some special events like Halloween, Christmas, etc. the Center will hold some fun parties or activities, so you will have more opportunities to meet new people or polish your English skills.

Even if you're a shy person or not confident in your English abilities, it's doesn't matter! ELTC will always welcome you. You can make new friends here, including me! So don't be afraid and join us! We will be waiting!