英語学習についても同じことが言えます。赤ん坊を抱いた母親が、映画の列に並んでいる私の横を通り過ぎるときに、”Excuse me”ではなく”Excuse us.”と言いました。ホームステイをさせてもらっていた家の父親が子供を叱るときは、”You’ll be scolded.”ではな”You’ll be in big trouble.”だったのです。
ネイティブによる英検対策講座も半ばをむかえました。39名の受講生たちは緊張しながらも、いま、ホンモノに出会っているのです。⦅副校長  小林正樹⦆

⦅Interim report on the STEP test seminar by native speakers in 2018⦆

Exposure to real things
I think that the important thing in education when students meet with real things is “to give them the motivation to learn.” Experiences such as raising crops in field campus fields greatly stimulate the sensitivity and inquiry of children. Listening to the sounds played by leading musicians, visiting the places you really want to visit, contacting local people there, and experiences of being immersed in culture leads to broadening of human scope and nurturing of dignity. Even while you are preparing for college entrance exams , “going to see the actual campus” sustains “passion to study with sensitivity inspired”.
In addition to acquiring more knowledge and higher academic achievement, immersion to real things is learning that fosters the foundation of humanity such as original sensibility and inquiry mind, culture and dignity as human beings, communication skill, and so on. By actually experiencing every aspect of the scene, you’ll get to act dignifiedly on every occasion, and the foundation of humanity that can pass through to the world will grow.
The same can be said about English learning. When a mother holding a baby passed by me lined in a row of movies, she said “Excuse us.” Instead of “Excuse me”. When the host father, when I was doing a homestay, scolded his child, “You’ll be in big trouble.” Instead of “You’ll be scolded.”
Native STEP test seminar also got through the middle. Thirty-nine students are now trying to meet with real things, while they feel a little nervous.⦅vice-principal  Masaki KOBAYASHI⦆



The aim of the class is to get them ready for the Eiken tests so I am trying to do that, I think they can benefit from being able to listen to live normal English speaking speed from a native with no particular accent in their English.
As of the students they are enjoyable to work with. I think they are getting the hang of how the class is going.



読解パートもライティングも樟蔭学園の方針でネイティブ講師によりAll Englishで授業を行う。