The covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed the world greatly. Lives have changed and in some cases, sadly, lives have been lost.

This time has also been a chance to slow down and reflect more on what’s really important in life – a chance to appreciate and be grateful for all of the things that we so often take for granted. I think the poem below captures this idea, nicely and is a good reminder of how it is the simple things in life that give our lives true purpose and meaning.


The buildings were big and people would smile

And travel they would mile by mile.

But sick they became, in numbers it grew

Businesses worried, communities too.

Things stopped for a bit, the world slowed it’s roll

The virus had certainly taken it’s toll.

But what they then saw from slowing things down

Is in fact they now had less reasons to frown.

Families now gathered, what game shall we play?

Pass me the blue crayon, give mommy the grey.

Dad’s home guys! He’ll read us a book

then all of us together will cook.

The lungs of the planet caught a small break

Less travel meant less pollution to make.

People did realize they’d all be ok

They don’t need so much to get through the day.

Maybe this virus that caused so much stress

Showed the whole world that more can mean less.


Written by anonymous

Inspired by Dr. Suess