Today, I would like to introduce a website/application called Quizlet. 

Quizlet is a learning tool for students. Students learn by studying flashcards, doing writing and listening activities, and playing games. 

A number of teachers at Shoin use Quizlet in their classes, but you can also use it at home to study.

I use Quizlet in my classes to help students learn new vocabulary. It is free to create an account and you can study at home on a PC, tablet, or a smartphone. 

Quizlet is not only for studying English. Teachers of all subjects can upload wordlists for students to study before, during, or after lessons. If you make an account, you can even make your own wordlists.

One of the best features of Quizlet is that other than flashcards, it has a number of fun games you can play. It also has a test function so you can check your progress.

I have created a Quizlet set with the words in the glossary below. Please try it out. Click this link:



introduce 紹介する

application アプリ

learning tool 学習ツール

flashcards フラッシュカード

activities 活動

a number of 何人かの

vocabulary 単語

create 作成する

during 間

account アカウント

function 機能

progress 進捗

glossary 用語集


Click on the links below to try some fun and easy Quizlet sets,

or, click here to see all of the sets I have uploaded:

Download the app for free at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, or come to the iLounge if you would like to try Quizlet!



Have fun.