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Faculty of Liberal Arts

Department of Japanese Language and Literature

The Department of Japanese Language and Literature This department fosters achievement in Japanese language and literary knowledge built on a foundation of cultural understanding and appreciation for eloquence.
With this curriculum, the department trains students capable not only of contributing in educational fields, but of fulfilling active roles in several kinds of fields, such as in private enterprises including journalism, administrative institutions, and local communities, using skilled Japanese language.

Department of English as an International Language

The Department of English as an International Language The department offers learning of high-level English skills at the level of “Independent Users”, with which graduates will be able to gain wide-ranging knowledge required for living in a multi-cultural society.
The department trains students to be instructors of English education, businesspersons capable of dealing with international services such as tourism or business, and Japanese teachers who teach Japanese language and culture to foreign people, so that they can make contributions to an international society from various perspectives.

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology This department nurtures students to be graduates who can capture the human mental state and its development in an objective way, and play supportive roles in several fields, ranging from schools, education-related facilities, and welfare facilities to private enterprise.

Department of Life Planning

The Department of Life Planning The goal of the Life Planning Department is to train capable, successful, and proactive young women through life experiences and the development of the necessary knowledge and skills that will enable them to cope proportionately in both the workplace and the home with living in today’s modern society. This department also offers learning in food literacy and culinary skills to enrich their everyday lives and educates students on how to contribute to society. This is built upon the student’s understanding of food cultures and traditions, which is to be utilized in their lives and the lives of others around them.

Department of Beauty and Fashion Studies
(Department of Fashion and Beauty Sciences)

The Department of Fashion and Beauty Sciences This department educates students to become experts, who can appreciate “The Beauty of Clothing”, which is integral to daily life.
Students also become familiar with the cultural knowledge required to develop an appreciation for the relationship between clothing and society. With their expertise in clothing, cosmetics and hair fashion, Shoin graduates can go on to play leading roles in the fashion industry

Major in Clothing and Textiles

This course offers knowledge covering textile sciences, patterns of dye and fabrics, dress-making and design, and clothing culture; all of which are required for participating actively in production and distribution in the textile and apparel industry. Through the study on clothes, the course trains students to be experts on clothing and textiles who can use their talents and ample sense of beauty in planning, production, quality control and sales of clothes.

Major in Cosmetic Arts

The Course in Cosmetics and Culture offers learning techniques of makeup design and nurtures students to be experts. These “Beauty Specialists” are qualified with a sense of value, quality of life (QOL), as well as pursue external beauty, by learning the culture, history, sociological function and psychological action which makeup and garments might invoke upon humanity.
The course in Cosmetics and Hair Fashion offers the qualification with a national examination for hairstylists, and trains students to be experts, “Beauty Concierges” who are talented with cultural and academic backgrounds of knowledge, technique, and theory of makeup and clothing, and can play a leading role in the this field.