On November 10th the first KUSUNOKI TROPHY English Recitation/Speech Contest was held with nine junior high students and eleven senior high students taking part. The recitation part of the contest involved junior high students retelling the speech given by Ms.Malala at the UN assembly. I thought that it might be a little bit difficult for junior high students to recite such a speech, but I was relieved to see many students remembered it almost completely, and were trying to recite it with rich expressiveness and gestures. In addition, many high school students, who had never experienced staying overseas until this summer, made speeches with feelings of gratitude and friendship, and seemed to have acquired precious memories from their time with the local people. Such experiences gained with their young receptive minds will surely remain as a treasure for their future lives. I sincerely express my gratitude to the teachers of the English department, who gave me assistance in successfully carrying out this new event. ⦅vice-principal Masaki KOBAYASHI⦆


PART 1⦅13:30~14:30⦆
RECITATION ORDER ⦅9 JUNIOR HIGH STUDENTS⦆ alphabetical order of surname
NO.1    Hoshiyama Hina ⦅1st grade ⦆
NO.2    Kamimura Manami ⦅3rd grade ⦆
NO.3       Miyahara Satsuki ⦅1st grade ⦆
NO.4    Miyazaki Momo ⦅1st grade ⦆
NO.5    Morita Hanane ⦅2nd grade ⦆
NO.6    Ogata Yukino ⦅2nd grade ⦆
NO.7    Tanabe Natsumi ⦅3rd grade ⦆
NO.8    Tanaka Kotoho ⦅1st grade ⦆
NO.9    Wada Yuyuka ⦅2nd grade ⦆

PART 2⦅14:40~16:30⦆
SPEECH ORDER ⦅11 SENIOR HIGH STUDENTS⦆ alphabetical order of surname
NAME                                                                             TITLE
NO.1     Funahashi Nonoka ⦅2nd grade⦆       “Studying Abroad”
NO.2   Hanafusa Mika ⦅2nd grade ⦆           “Global Education”
NO.3      Ikezoe Karin ⦅1st grade ⦆                    “Towards Zero Percent”
NO.4      Ikuta Hikari ⦅2nd grade ⦆                   “Unforgettable Experiences”
NO.5           Ishibashi Kana ⦅1st grade ⦆              “Relationship Between Food And Life”
NO.6           Ishida Chihiro ⦅1st grade ⦆                “My Dream”
NO.7           Mantani Hizuru ⦅2nd grade                 “Studying Abroad in Taiwan”
NO.8           Mito Yuri ⦅2nd grade ⦆                         “Intercultural Exchanges”
NO.9           Mori Mizuki ⦅2nd grad                           “My Favorite Artist”
NO.10        Toyosato Renge ⦅2nd grade⦆             “I got in trouble in NZ”
NO.11        Yamagata Reina ⦅2nd grade⦆             “My Dream”

1st place     Ogata Yukino ⦅2nd grade ⦆
2nd place      Tanaka Kotoho ⦅1st grade ⦆
3rd place    Miyazaki Momo ⦅1st grade ⦆
1st place        Ikuta Hikari ⦅2nd grade ⦆
2nd place      Funahashi Nonoka ⦅2nd grade⦆
3rd place    Ishida Chihiro ⦅1st grade ⦆



Good afternoon everyone. Today I would like to tell you about my experiences and myself in this year’s summer vacation.

My name is Hikari Ikuta. I’m 16 years old. I like listening to music and playing the electronic organ. My favorite subject in school is English. The reason why I have come to be interested in English is that I went to New Zealand when I was 14 years old. In addition, when I was a first-year student in high school, I went to Taiwan twice. At that time, I felt frustrated that I could not talk to its local people and experience a different lifestyle. It was a completely new world to me. I wanted to become a good English speaker, so I started to go to ELTC to speak with native speakers there. Then this year, I had a chance to belong to the Lions club.
The Lions club is an international non-political social organization. This time, they selected me as a youth exchange student. This is why I had a chance to go abroad for about 1 month this summer.

Now, let me tell you about my experiences there.
I visited Singapore and Borneo island in Malaysia from 19 July to 17 August. I stayed with five different host families and went to five different cities, such as Kuching, Sibu, Kota Kinabalu and Tenom in Borneo island in Malaysia and Singapore. In there place, I joined Lions International Youth Camps, on Singapore national day, Lions regular meetings take place. There were a lot of people from many different countries and cultures. I really enjoyed meeting new people and learning new things every day.
Through my experiences, I have something exciting to tell you.
Do you know anything about some differences in lifestyle between Malaysia, Singapore and Japan?
At first, I will tell you about education. I visited six schools in Malaysia, but sadly, I did not have any opportunity to visit schools in Singapore.
The most memorable thing is that Malaysian students can speak English well even though they are elementary school students. Their first language is Chinese. However, they always watch TV with English subtitles. Therefore, they can use English as a second language. I was jealous of that situation.
Malaysian students only have one long vacation between the end of November and December, for about 1 month. You might think Malaysian students have to spend a lot of time in school…right? Actually, they do not. They come home at about 1 pm, though they have to go to school as early as 6:30 am. Getting up early is hard, but they can use their time in the afternoon to do whatever they want. I think they live happily in a relaxed way.

Second, let me talk about food culture. I stayed in Malaysia and Singapore, and I ate out at various stands every time. Malaysian people often eat five meals a day, so I was always full. I could eat various kinds of local foods. There are three main cultures, Chinese, Malay and India. Especially among them, the most common is Chinese foods, for example wonton, noodle and so on, so these agreed with me. Now, I will introduce some of the most impressive foods. One is coconut drink. My host family made a hole in a coconut, put in a straw and drank the inside water. I tried it and it tasted sweet. I often drank it because it was so delicious and virtually attractive.
Another is durian McFlurry. McFlurry is a brand of flavored ice cream. They sell three kinds of McFlurry in Malaysia and Singapore, vanilla, chocolate and durian. That is how durian is popular tasted there! The smell of durian is unique, so I think many Japanese people do not like its smell. I could not eat durian, but I wanted my classmates to try eating it, so I bought durian-flavored cookies for them.

The time I spent in Malaysia and Singapore is precious to me. I am sure the things I experienced there will influence my future positively. I will never forget this summer. I am thankful to my parents and teachers for the kind cooperation. I would like to keep on studying English hard from now on.

Thank you for listening.