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From May 28th to May 30th , twenty students from Shoin Junior High School’s second grade Global Studies course traveled to Kobe for a 3-day English study camp.

The camp’s theme this year was ‘Travel and Tourism’ and each of the lessons carried out by the camp NETs, as well as the fieldwork and students’ final presentations, centered on this theme.

Over the course of the 3 days, the students took lessons on a wide range of theme-related topics.

These topics included:
1)   Airport arrival and departures
2)   Navigating customs and immigration
3)   Pronunciation skills
4)   Vacationing abroad
5)   Shopping for souvenirs
6)Ordering in restaurants
7)   Maori culture &  Tī rākau(stick game)
8)   Fieldwork follow up
9)   Presentation skills

Aside from the in-class activities, the students were separated into small work groups and accompanied by a teacher on an afternoon of fieldwork in the Kobe Port / Meriken Park area on the first day of the camp.

In order to carry out their fieldwork tasks, the students navigated a pre-set route, visiting various tourist attractions and points of interest in order to find and record useful and interesting information for their group presentations to be done the following day.

One of the final acts of the in-class camp activities was for each group to present their fieldwork findings, along with the photographs they took, through a PowerPoint presentation. The topic of this presentation centered on spots around Kobe that they would recommend tourists to visit and enjoy while vacationing there.

The final day of the camp was spent visiting the Rokko International Musical Box museum high up on Mt. Rokko, followed by a leisurely lunch eaten while taking in the magnificent views of Kobe and Osaka from the restaurant at Rokko View Palace.

Craig Boobyer


2019 HS神戸イングリッシュキャンプレビュー(日本語版)


1)   空港への到着と出発
2)  税関と入国管理のナビゲート
3)  発音スキル
4)  海外での休暇の過ごし方
5)  お土産の買い物
6)  レストランでの注文
7)  マオリ文化とティラカウ(スティックゲーム)
8)  フィールドワークのフォローアップ
9)  英語プレゼンテーション技術