2019・2020年度の二年間を見据えて、i-Loungeでは、さまざまなテーマに基づく英語イベントを準備、開催することを計画しています。(現時点で合計6種類実施予定⦆関心を覚えたら、ためらわずに参加してください。若き日に誰に出会い、どんな体験をするかがその後の人生を大きく左右します。⦅副校長 小林正樹⦆






上記のスケジュールとテーマの提案は変更されることもありますが、すべての学年の生徒が英語力を高め、私たちが直面している課題に関して英語的な発想力を持ち、多様な角度から考えてみることで、視野を広めることを願っています。⦅CRAIG & SINA⦆


Over the course of the 2019/20 academic year, Sina and Craig from the iLounge are planning to prepare and host a number of theme-based English events (6 in total at this stage).


The main purpose of these events is to allow and encourage any student from either Shoin Junior or High School participate in activities in an English environment.

Over the short time that we have both been involved in teaching at Shoin, Sinan ad I have discovered that there are many students who are a) interested in speaking and learning English and b) highly proficient in speaking English who do not necessarily have the opportunities to use, explore, and enjoy English in their daily school lives.

Many of the classes we teach are large in nature, some up to 38 students. It can be difficult for students to speak out and show their English skills in these kinds of classes. Often this put down to a lack of confidence, a shy nature, or just not wanting to stand out as a keen or competent speaker of English in a large group.

Our main goal is to provide a common space for these students and to ensure that there is a relaxed, comfortable, and encouraging environment for them to learn, enjoy, and share English with likeminded peers.

We hope to attract students of all grades and abilities from both sections of the school to these events by varying the themes and activities that they will participate in.

The events will focus less on traditional classroom learning activities and more on activities carried out in English that will not only allow students to learn the language, but also benefit from the concrete skills associated with the event themes.


May Easter Event 2020 (Sorry, we didn’t have time to prepare this year)
June ICT English Event
October Halloween Event
November South Pacific Culture and Dance Event
January Orienteering & Treasure Hunt Event in English
February Sports Event

The proposed schedule and themes listed above may change, however, we sincerely hope that we can encourage students from all grades to join us and enjoy participating in events that will hopefully broaden their ideas about the subject of English. ⦅CRAIG & SINA⦆