最初に代表の生徒と声をそろえての「ありがとうございます」の言葉、次に互いのコロナ禍の中での学校生活の様子を伝え合いました。台湾でも文化祭や体育祭は中止とのこと、オンラインでは初めて日本語での交流でしたので、質疑応答もとてもスムーズなものでした。話し足りなくて、同様のイベントの実施数を増やして欲しいとの声が上がる会となりました。CRAIG先生とROB先生には感謝❢感謝❢⦅副校長 小林正樹⦆

From 12:10 p.m. on December 18, 2020, we held an online assembly so as to express our gratitude for the 1000 masks we received the other day in the ICT room, using ZOOM. Twelve junior and senior high school students participated from our school, and 48 students who chose the Japanese language as an elective gathered at the sister school of Taiwan.
First, we joined our voices in saying “Thank you” with all the students and teachers, and then told about how school life goes to each other in the corona disaster. Cultural festivals and sports festivals were canceled in Taiwan as well, and it was the first time for both of the schools to have an online meeting in Japanese, so the question and answer session was very smooth for our side. There was not enough time to talk, and there were voices requesting that the number of similar events is increased. Thanks to CRAIG-sensei and ROB-sensei!

In European countries such as the United Kingdom, and South Africa, the new corona virus has mutated and the damage is further spreading. Japan has finally closed its airports and remains in a state of “isolation.” The life of “WITH corona” and even “AFTER corona” may continue for another 3 years and 5 years. The future cannot be seen even in modern times with advanced medicine incomparable to the times when the plague and the Spanish flu raged. I can’t help but hope that the time will come as soon as possible that the virus will no longer hinder the daily activities of our students and the realization of their dreams for the future. ⦅vice-principal masaki KOBAYASHI⦆