校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】
Mysterious Mechanism

As the wings rotate and fly in the sky, we can see the familiar ‘bamboo dragonfly’. However, we cannot use it as a helicopter because the wings and fuselage fly together. Likewise, Doraemon ‘s “Takecopterr” acts in the same way, with its wings spinning and flying. In manga, Doraemon flies freely with a takecopeter on his head. Of course, his body is not rotating.
A helicopter you usually see has one wing that rotates at the top of the aircraft called the main rotor. If you try to fly with only one wing, the aircraft will rotate inversely by reaction (this is a little difficult, but you should investigate it by yourself if you are interested). To that end, a small rotating blade called a tail rotor is attached to the tail of the aircraft, and it is stabilized by using a turning force in the opposite direction to the rotation of the main rotor. Although they are not in the cartoon, some ingenious devices must have been invented.
The size of the tail rotor is about a fifth of that of the main rotor. It is inconspicuous but it supports the airframe firmly. Without a tail rotor the aircraft cannot fulfill the role of a helicopter. It is like a person who carries out a thankless task. In a helicopter with a rotary wing at the top of the fuselage, it seems that a big main rotor carries the aircraft, but in reality the tail rotor is indispensable.
There may be similar cases in everyone’s classes and clubs. The position may also change according to the situation. What is important at that time, what should not be forgotten, is gratitude to each other, confidence, and pride in you.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno