校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】
English Learning at Shoin

Both Shoin junior high and high school have been working on globalization in various ways. We provide several opportunities for students to be exposed to practical English;participation in the short-term overseas study at a girls school in New Zealand, acceptance of international students from various foreign countries, mutual exchanges with a girls’ school in Taiwan, a short-period of study abroad carried out by organizations outside the school. In addition on Saturdays a lot of students readily participate in the “advanced classes” promoted by Osaka Board of Education. Furthermore they can enjoy classes by native speakers at the English education center in our school, and pleasant exchanges with them at lunch break and after school  
Four years ago, English lessons started using an electronic blackboard installed in all classrooms. Last year, we started to pay mutual visits to a girls’ school in Taiwan that has made sister school tie-ups. We have also started to utilize skype in everyday lessons.
In the next school year Shoin is planing to send students to a girls’ school in Hawaii and New Zealand and to provide a lot of opportunities to study abroad in the short and long term. In this way, we are pursuing initiatives aimed at having exchanges with foreign people in various forms.
When I asked some of the students at our school about the pleasure and enjoyment of English learning, they replied they felt happiest when they were successful in making themselves understood in English. I think this is true. Looking at first graders trying hard to speak to people on JICA programs who have visited us for these three years, I realize anew how important it is to create opportunities to use English.
For the newcomers at junior high who will start their school life this April, we have prepared the “International Education Course” (Global Study Course) which used to be called “the advanced course.” In addition to present English lessons, we will refer to comprehensive learning class as “GS lesson” and will develop global learning centering on the English language. I’m looking forward to this approach myself. In future, I would like to expand this approach to the entire junior high school and high school.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno