校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】
Field Mustard Mourning


Every year at this time of year, beautiful yellow field mustards are blooming in full glory around the City of Higashi Osaka. These yellow flowers also deliver spring fragrance on the streets around our school.
This is to commemorate the anniversary of Ryotaro Shiba’s death, one of the leading Japanese writers, who has left a lot of literary masterpieces, including historical novels, travel novels, non-fiction, and critical essays. These beautiful flowers can be seen all over the city, which has led to February 12 being called “Field Mustard Mourning” .
Ryotaro Shiba preferred yellow flowers, such as dandelions and field mustards. In front of his study of the Ryotaro Shiba Memorial Hall, built close to his home in Higashi Osaka City, he himself planted field mustards and seems to have been looking forward to their coming into bloom when spring rolled around.
Our graduation ceremony will be held this weekend, and from this time through the entrance ceremony, the campus gradually becomes vividly colorful with Magnolias, peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, Forsythias, grass cherry blossoms, and so forth. Various colors will overflow in the school.
When we look at these flowers, we’ll feel relaxed and enjoy the flowers of each of the four seasons. Flowers not only add color to our daily lives, but also relax our minds, and as a result will also have a positive impact on our bodies.
There is a term called “Flower Growth.” According to the definition of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, “It means focusing on various functions of flowers, incorporating them into education and community activities.”
The purpose is to experience the seasons with flowers, to develop vision and olfaction from color and scent, to feel life, to learn the importance of life and the meaning of being alive, and to convey joy and excitement to one another.
I also hope that we can cultivate rich minds for the students at Shoin by this “Flower Education.”