校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】commencement.

At the SHOIN campus, several graduation ceremonies and festivals took place in March: The high school graduation on March 3, “the Doll’s Festival,” the college graduation on March 14th, “White Day,” the kindergarten graduation on March 15, followed by the junior high school graduation on March 18.
In the meantime, there was an electrifying atmosphere in the SHOIN campus. In the junior high school and high school graduations, smile-provoking scenes, unique to girls schools were to be seen in various places.
First of all, at graduation ceremonies students wholeheartedly performed various kinds of songs. Starting with “Kimigayo” or the national anthem of Japan after the opening address, in the second half of the ceremony, “the song of graduation” “the song of farewell” and lastly “the school song” were sung.
In SHOIN, there is a strong focus on artistic education, and it has also become a backbone of our education, and art is among the top three favorite subjects both in junior and high school. In particular, there are many occasions where students can demonstrate their ability to sing, such as at the entrance ceremony, the graduation ceremony, the opening ceremony of each term, the closing ceremony, and as a result, their skills have reached a higher level.
The essence of what a girls’ school is can be seen when a lot of juniors from each club, with bouquets and messages on the cards in their hands, are waiting to celebrate their seniors’ graduation. Some students are already crying while waiting. They will probably be thinking back over the various encouragements and supports they received from their seniors. One of the features of the club activities at SHOIN is that seniors and juniors are bound by rigid ties.
This is not just the case with club activities. Efforts for seniors and juniors to study together are also ongoing. By teaching and being taught, their academic abilities can be enhanced. I am planning to continue this kind of learning method, responding immediately to the demands of the day.
In the graduation ceremony of junior high school and high school, there are two things that I asked graduates to keep in mind as long as they live. First of all, when they come in direct touch with some beautiful things, wonderful things, I want them to feel impressed without reason. Here again, another trait of a girls’ school appears, but the ability to express their emotions and thoughts is carefully nurtured. This ability will be nurtured not only in the class but also in the relationships between the students.
Next, I would like to touch upon smiles. It is well known that laughing has various positive effects both mentally and physically. Among these effects, I particularly want to mention that smiles are infectious. When a friend smiles while talking to you, you will be sure to unexpectedly smile. It is the basis of creating desirable human relationships.
New students will be enrolled in April. Juniors should play significant roles as seniors. I would like all the students at SHOIN to take on the charms of a girls’ school that have been handed down from generation to generation by over 100,000 graduates in 100 years.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno