国際教養コース(Global Study Course)の総合学習は“GSレッスン”と称して、週2時間連続で実施しています。内容は英語科の教員とネイティブスピーカーによる、ほとんど英語だけの授業で、英会話やプレゼンテーションを中心とした賑やかで楽しいものです。授業の始まりのみんなで歌う英語の歌が耳に残ります。

 総合進学コース(Standard Study Course)の総合学習“SSレッスン”は、週2時間連続を2回、合計4時間の学習です。内容は女子校としての教養学習を中心として、美しい文字を書く練習やお茶やお花、洋服や靴の手入れや洗濯の仕方、望ましいマナーなど、基本的なことから特に大切にして欲しいことなどがしっかりと身に付くように楽しく取り組んでいます。

 身体表現コース(Physical Performance Course)の総合学習“PPレッスン”は、SSレッスンと同じく、週2時間連続を2回行っています。内容は、例えばパントマイムやダンスなど、体を使って様々なことが表現できるようにする学習や、本を使って内容がしっかり伝わるようなプレゼンテーションをする練習、動体視力を養うためのPCを用いた速読の学習など多彩です。


校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”The periods for comprehensive studies”

“The periods for comprehensive studies” at Shoin junior high have been revised from April in 2018. Currently only the first graders at junior high school are taking “these comprehensive lessons” different from those in the past. From this fiscal year, Shoin junior high school has been reorganized into three courses; international education course, the comprehensive advancement course and the physical expression course. In each course, students are engaging in activities based on the purposes of each individual course. Nearly three months have passed since the start of these new courses and summer vacation is coming up soon.

The comprehensive learning of the International Study Course (Global Study Course) is called “GS lesson” and this lesson is given for 2 hours a week in succession. A teacher from the English department and a native speaker is in charge and they try to use English as much as possible in the lesson. Students seem to spend their lesson actively and enjoy English conversations and presentations. Their cheerful singing in English at the beginning of the lesson remains in my ears!

As for comprehensive study course (Standard Study Course) students take “SS lessons” 2 hour-successive lessons twice a week; a total of 4 hours. The contents are focused on liberal arts which should be taught especially at a girls’ school, and it is important to practice writing beautiful letters, learning the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, knowing how to care for clothes and shoes, how to wash and other desirable manners. In particular, I want them to learn the most basic things in life and get into good habits.

The “Physical Performance Course”, what we call PP learning “, like the SS lesson, has been given 2 consecutive lessons twice a week. Students are taught how to make it possible to express various things using their body, such as pantomime and dance. They are trying to learn how to make persuasive presentations by using various kinds of books. Also, they are using personal computers to learn how to develop dynamic vision by speed reading.

The students highly evaluate the comprehensive learning of all courses, and the results seem to be more successful than we had expected. The teachers who are in charge are going to devise more creative ways to teach and expect to see the students’ progress and development. As the principal, I am very much looking forward to even more attractive lessons in the second term.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno