他の外国の学校とのスカイプ交流会の予定は、ニュージーランドのオークランドにあるSt. Mary’s Collegeと、オアフ島にあるハワイ州で最も歴史あるSt. Andrew’s Priory Schoolとの交流を実施していきます。またそれぞれの特色あるプレゼンテーションを今から大変楽しみにしています。スカイプで4つの国を結んだ取り組みが始まりました。

校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”International Skype exchanges in global education.”

As part of our global educational activities, Shoin High School has proactively begun to move forward with international Skype exchanges. Last September we started online classes in English using Skype with English teachers on the island of Sebu in The Philippines. However, this event was the first time our students could exchange English presentations about various topics with female students of the same ages in a different country.
On Friday July 20 online Skype presentation exchanges were held for approximately 90 minutes between four teams at Shoin High School and four teams at Shu Guang Girls’ Senior High School (our sister school) in Taiwan. This first memorable occasion started with greetings from the principals of both schools. I did my utmost to talk in English; Yao Li Hua, the principal of Shu Guang Girls’ Senior High School, spoke in Chinese accompanied by a translator. Our sub-principal Kobayashi acted as facilitator for the meeting.
The presentation themes of the four groups of our students were: “daily life of high school girls in Japan,” “traditional events in Japan,” “three major festivals in Japan,” and “trends in English composition in Japanese College entrance examinations”. The themes of the four groups at Shu Guang Girls’ Senior High School were: “mid-autumn festival (moon viewing)” “chugen-setsu” (I hear on this day, secular people conduct a memorial service to their ancestors, offering food and lighting lanterns) “boys festival” (where people eat Chimaki; a cake wrapped in bamboo leaves.)” and “gourmet in Shinchu”.
All the presentations were given in English. The presentations of Shu Guang Girls’ Senior High School seemed well-prepared and highly persuasive. Moreover, they seemed very accustomed to talking in public. Our students also practiced hard, and it seemed that they received great stimulus, since it was their first time to give this kind of formal presentation. One student mentioned that her motivation to improve her presentation skills in English was further enhanced by this opportunity.
One of our students is currently undergoing a 1-month study period at this sister school in Taiwan, and we plan to send several more students on a school trip there next March. I am confident that cultural exchanges on Skype like this one will prove to be a rewarding activity. Being able to have such an interactive and stimulating experience, while still being on campus is the beauty of Skype.
Forthcoming Skype exchanges with other foreign schools will be held between St. Mary’s College in Auckland, New Zealand, and St. Andrew’s Priory School, the oldest girls’ high school, on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, USA. I am also very much looking forward to each presentation. Efforts to connect these four mentioned countries using Skype have finally begun.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno