[中学生] クラブ、学校の場所、コース
[高校生] コース、学校の場所、大阪樟蔭女子大への内部進学



[中学] 校風や伝統、クラブ、学校の場所
[高校] 学校の場所、校風や伝統、コース



[中学] 校風や伝統 クラブ、学校の場所
[高校] 校風や伝統、学校の場所、クラブ


校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”What makes students decide to be Shoin students?”

Our school conducts questionnaires respectively to students and parents every year. Junior and high school students are asked to fill in a questionnaire in July and parents are asked in September or October. By understanding various conditions at school and home, such as satisfaction with school life etc., we can further enhance our school life by observing the changes over the years.
In that questionnaire, there is an item that asks “reasons why you chose to enter Shoin.” Also, in addition to that, we are inquiring of “the charms of our school as seen from students’ parents.” Here, I will introduce some of the results of this year while comparing how the students and the parents feel about Shoin life.
First of all, I’d like to touch upon the results of a questionnaire to the students. Regarding reasons for choosing Shoin, many junior and senior high school students chose the answer “recommended by others”, however the specific reasons Shoin came recommended were not clear.
Let’s look at other answers, listed in descending order:
[Junior high school students] Clubs; School location; Courses
[Senior high school students] Courses; School location; Affiliation with Osaka Shoin Women’s University.

The results of the high school students are almost the same as I expected, but the results of junior high school students were quite different. I was confident in the appeal of the new courses at the junior high school, but I was surprised that “Clubs” was the No. 1 reason for selection. By the way, nearly 90% of junior high school students enjoy club activities.
The location of the school refers to both distance from their house and distance to the nearest station. In any case, commuting to Shoin is relatively easy. As ways of coming to school; bicycle commuting is approx. 20% and train commuting is over 70%.

Next is about the questionnaire results for parents. First of all, I will list the reasons why they chose Shoin in the same order as for students.
[Junior high school] School traditions; Clubs; School location.
[Senior high school] School location; School traditions; Courses.
It is a great pleasure to see the school history and tradition listed as a reason for choosing. Our school is currently in its 101st year since it was founded. We hope politeness as well as a bright and relaxed school life will continue to be inherited.
For parents who also responded to “The attraction seen by the parent”, the results are the same as the above reasons for junior high school, but for high school, the clubs appear to be the main attraction.
[Junior high school] School tradition; Clubs; School location
[Senior high school] School tradition; School Location; Clubs
Based on these results, we will continue to strive to make Shoin even more appealing in the years to come.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno