校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”Energetic”

The 31st year of Heisei has started. It seems this year is going to be a little different from the previous years because of the various major changes likely to be made. First, the era name will change. The new era is due to be announced in April and will commence from May. Until then, the event known as “The crown of the last Heisei” will continue. At the same time, we will look back over the passing years of Heisei and continue to think about hopes towards the new era. Next, preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games next year are going to enter its final stage. A huge amount of energy will be poured in and gathered, and we will look forward to the coming of the event. Also, in Osaka, preparations for the Osaka World Expo to be held in 2025 will begin.
In the opening ceremony of the third term, I said to the students: “When something is going to change, something new will begin. That’s because the goal is clear. In 2019, when events which mark the stages of our life are getting near, I would like you to make a clear goal and keep making efforts to accomplish it. We should get more energetic.”
In terms of getting energetic, I got a lot of energy from Naomi Osaka, who impressively won the “Australian Open” tennis championship on January 26th. Among a lot of people who tend to be self-assertive, the modest Naomi Osaka showed outstanding power at the critical moment. I’m sure a lot of people would have been energized. Although commentators also said, the greatness of Naomi Osaka does not just come from her skill and power, but also from her tough mental power, self-control, and ability to adapt herself to her opponent during the game. This seems to be a common trait in the top players of other sports too, such as table tennis.
I feel very happy to see the way someone grows. For myself, who has been engaged in education for a long time, it is a great pleasure to see the students do a lot of growing, in particular, and I’m sure all teachers feel the same.
On the Coming-of-Age day on January 14th, we held the “Alumni Society” at the Campus. A lot of students who graduated from Shoin High School two years ago gathered, and had a festive and lively time. Some of the parents and teachers also attended, and we all blessed them for their coming of age.
It was a very short time of about two years after graduation, but the students had grown beyond recognition. In appearance, they wore make-up and looked so grown up, and as I talked to them, I was very surprised to see that most students were able to say their own ideas clearly. I understand during these two years, they experienced various things, and each one is growing up in their own way. When I see them again in five or ten years, I am looking forward to seeing further growth and getting a lot of energy from them.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno