校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”The Interview exam”

 There are various kinds of interview tests, including university entrance exams, which many students find difficult to prepare for. Depending on the number of interviewers and the questions that were asked in the past, preparing for such interviews is a nerve-racking ordeal for students. I have experienced many interviewers during my duties so far, most of which are for the recruitment of teachers, but I also took charge of many managerial position interviews myself. That is why I am well aware of the feelings of those who undergo an interview. It is tough not only to accurately answer various questions from the person whom one is meeting for the first time, but also to have a good understanding of one’s own merits. When I instruct students on how to take interviews, the first thing I tell a student is as follows: The interviewer is not asking with the intention of failing you; they are interviewing with the intention of drawing as many good points as possible from the interviewee. Therefore, it is important that you should think of an interviewer as someone who supports you. “This will help you relax.” My next advice is the content of your answer. In a limited time, it is essential to answer briefly and actively with clear expressions. It is important to have the answer ready, but it should not sound memorized. Even if the contents sound wonderful, they will not be transmitted to the interviewer unless you answer in an easy-to-understand manner in your own words. What I think most valuable and what I want to evaluate is whether the interviewee has their own opinion or not. This is important not only for interviews but also for learning, and for one’s future career. To do that, think about various things yourself and compile it as your own opinion.
 Then how should we feel or think on various topics? I believe you should start with spreading your range of interests and curiosity. First, you should try to expand on some hobbies you may have at present. In other words, I mean spending every day with a feeling of curiosity. You will be in trouble one day if you keep living indifferently.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno