校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”The Promotion of Exchange between students in Shoin Academy”

Until now, cooperation between Shoin Junior and Senior High School and Shoin Women’s University has been limited to some teachers at the university giving lectures in junior and senior high school classes. There has been very little interaction between students. I have never seen junior or senior high students and college students conversing or doing something together, even though all of them are on the same campus. About 120 students from Shoin High School go on to Shoin Women’s University every year. This makes up nearly one-fifth of all of the university’s first year students. Therefore, about one-fifth of the current students at Shoin Women’s University are students who came through the Shoin High School system. Of course, some of them know each other as they attended the same junior and senior high school or participated in the same club, but it is very sad that there is no interaction.
From September 27th to 29th, the junior and senior high school cultural festival took place. During the opening ceremony on the first day, there was a greeting from the Principal and in addition, some students from the executive committee of the Kusunoki Festival (a university festival at Osaka Shoin Women’s University) addressed the junior and senior high school students. At this time, we received some information about the “Kusunoki Festival” and were asked to come along if possible. This was the first time for this kind of communication between the university and junior and senior high schools and it was performed in a warm atmosphere.
I hope that this will lead to more active exchanges between students. For example, there are many opportunities for students to interact including volunteer activities, club activities, and global learning centered on English. Events shared by the whole of Shoin Academy will soon be possible. To that end, it is important to start exchanges between student leaders (such as the leaders at the student council) in the junior and senior high school and the college. There is an age difference of about 10 years from the first year of junior high school to the fourth year of university. These exchanges will have a number of positive effects on both the junior and senior high school and the college. I hope that greetings will be exchanged in every corner of Shoin Academy creating an atmosphere full of smiles, and a new phase history for Shoin in its 102nd year.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno