下記の文章は、11月23日(土)の読売新聞の「ウガンダ支援 私たちの手で」というタイトルの記事から抜き出したものです。


ここまでは中高の生徒自治会執行部や有志の生徒が中心に取り組んでいましたが、現在ではボランティアサークルCSA(Community Support Association)のメンバーが中心となり、ボランティア活動の中の取組みとして引き継いでいます。

校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”Volunteer Activities”

The following text was extracted from an article titled “Supporting Uganda: With Our Hands” in the Yomiuri Newspaper on Saturday, November 23.
Students at Shoin Junior and Senior High School (Higashi Osaka City) have continued to support the central African country of Uganda, which suffers from poverty. Our students use bags made of Ugandan cotton in an effort to support local industries in Uganda. In addition, they send surplus stationery items such as pencils and erasers to Ugandan children who cannot study due to poverty and a lack of educational resources. On the 24th of November, a fundraising activity was put on in our local area, with our students being eager to expand their circle of support.
Shoin has been working on the “Uganda Project” to support children in the Republic of Uganda, who are in financial difficulty, as part of a global education program over the past two years. The main activity consists of two parts: using bags made of organic cotton from Uganda and delivering surplus stationery donated by Shoin students to Ugandan children in need. The Ugandan Ambassador and a member of the Ugandan national track and field team have visited and spoken to the students at Shoin in order to express their gratitude for their efforts. In addition, a lecture by a television presenter was jointly planned for the FNS charity campaign on Fuji TV and was covered in the media. Up to that time, junior and senior high school student council executives and volunteer students mainly carried out the aforementioned work, but now members of a Shoin volunteer circle called the CSA (Community Support Association) are taking the initiative in these volunteer activities.
On November 24th (Sunday), about 40 students, including CSA members and volunteers from our dance club, cleaned the streets around the school from 8:30 am, and from 11:00 am, were engaged in fund-raising activities at Kawachi Kosaka Station square. We had experienced fundraising activities with parents and students inside the school before, but this was the first fundraising activity for the general public put on outside the school.
At first, their voices weren’t strong, but as the morning went on, they gradually got louder, and their confidence continued to grow. This experience will be of great benefit for them, and it seemed that their desire to help people was strengthened again. I often hear that Shoin is regarded as a school that cares. I would like to continue to cherish these kinds of volunteer activities in an effort to take a step forward to further fostering Shoin’s image as a “caring school” and working towards our goal of being a school full of compassion.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno