校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”Graduation Ceremony”

Shoin Senior High school held its first graduation ceremony of the Reiwa era on March 3, while the junior high school held its ceremony on March 18. In order to reduce the risk posed by the novel coronavirus afflicting many parts of the world, both ceremonies were carried out in classrooms instead of in the 100 Year Memorial Gymnasium where the ceremonies traditionally take place. Although only the graduating students, current teachers, and student representatives attended the ceremonies, we worked on various ways to make these occasions warm and memorable for all involved.

The address by the Principal, the farewell speech by a current student representative, and the speech in reply by a graduate representative were broadcast throughout the school. Following this, the diplomas were awarded one class at a time in a separate building, the Memorial Hall.

Although parents were unable to attend the ceremony, they did have the opportunity to watch the proceedings streamed live on YouTube. From their devices, they could see the graduates in their classrooms listening to the broadcast, entering the Memorial Hall, the Principal presenting diplomas to the class representatives, and finally, all of the students leaving the Memorial Hall.

In addition to the live stream for parents, Kansai Television reported on the high school ceremony and a digest of the recorded scenes were broadcast on afternoon and evening news programs. The warm atmosphere and each teacher’s heartfelt celebration was well conveyed through these news reports. However, I am truly sorry that the parents and the current first and second-grade students were not present. I hope that after the current situation improves, they will all celebrate this important occasion again.

There were 72 graduates at the junior high school graduation ceremony, and this ceremony was devised mainly by the two third grade homeroom teachers. Two classrooms across the corridor from each other were used with the doors fully opened. A microphone stand was placed in the corridor between the two rooms and my address was followed by two speeches, one by a second-grade student, and the other by a graduate representative.

Following the speeches, a diploma was presented to a representative from each of the classes. It was the wish of the graduates to have a face-to-face ceremony in this way, and again, parents were able to watch a live stream on YouTube. This was the second school graduation ceremony to be conducted online, so some the quality of the broadcast improved considerably.

The purpose of the aforementioned ceremonies was to congratulate the graduates and give them every chance to graduate with joy, so our school did everything within its power to make sure that this happened.

Although this crisis is an opportunity for individuals to fully comprehend the importance of hygiene and to engage in precautionary measures such as health checks, hand washing, cough etiquette, etc. there will be many more things for us all to think about. I will continue to do whatever I can so that Shoin can carry out its educational responsibilities and activities as soon as possible with peace of mind.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno