校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”Compassion for Others”

The end-of-term exams for the 1st term of the 2nd year of Reiwa have been successfully completed. By scheduling the exam period three weeks later than usual, combined with a shorter than normal summer break, we have been able to complete the required number of classroom-instruction hours for the first term, despite all the disruptions. Following the exam period, a number of students and teachers will be involved with supplementary lessons, which will in turn be followed by a traditional closing ceremony on August 6. From then on, a two-week summer-vacation will begin.

The threat from the new corona-virus infection has not been eliminated and the number of people with mild or asymptomatic symptoms has increased. A so-called second wave seems to be approaching and there appears to be a general laxness regarding the current situation throughout the country. However, I believe that it is necessary for all of us to work together and to tackle this problem immediately. What we can do, and what we must do, remains the same. We must always adhere to the three basic principles of hand-washing, mask-wearing, and room ventilating, while at the same time avoiding the three C’s.

The students and teachers at our school always wear masks, we pay close attention to the ventilation of classrooms, and we take measures to clean and disinfect our hands frequently. However, it is not easy to avoid the three C’s in a school. Are you always attentive during class, while eating, and in all other situations including during break times? Shoin is, of course, a girls’ school, and one of the characteristics of this type of school is that the students are very close to each other. Shoin students are aware of the importance of social distancing, avoiding direct contact, and the volume of their voices, but when their conversations get lively, they can also become quite loud.

Shoin students are also quick to express their encouragement and support for others in club, class, and other activities and this is one of the strengths of an all-girls school. This has also been a Shoin tradition. I will talk about this in both the closing ceremony on August 6 and the opening ceremony on August 21, but I would also like to firmly convey the importance of compassion for others, an ideal that should be the basis of social life. Now is the time to reconfirm this compassion and embrace it as a way of preventing the further spread of infection.

Nobody knows when the new corona-virus infection will come to an end. However, instead of mourning the current situation, let’s stay true to the basics and work even more actively to prevent the spread of this virus. One can learn a lot from this attitude. Furthermore, this will be the second topic I would like to talk about during the upcoming closing ceremony

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno