校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”Online Lessons”

This year, the junior high school entrance examination was held on Saturday, January 16th. Due to the importance of this occasion, and the fact that we are still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, a number of measures were taken to ensure the safety of those participating and so that the event could proceed smoothly. As one of them, we held online classes for all junior and senior high school students from Wednesday, 13th, for three days, in order to avoid any possibility of having to close the school on the day of the entrance examinations. We also intend to follow this model leading up to the high school entrance examinations in February.

All junior and senior high school students connected with their homeroom teachers and the teachers in charge of their class subjects from home. This included conducting morning roll calls and health checks, as well as regularly scheduled lessons over the course of three days online. I was curious as to how these lessons would work out and about how they would be delivered. At Shoin, we used online learning when the school was forced to close at the start of this academic year, but the lesson contents and teaching methods, as well as the learning attitudes of students, has shown significant improvement since then.

At both Shoin Junior and Senior High School, seven years ago, we installed and continue to use electronic blackboard equipment in all classrooms. In addition to this added technology, we have also enthusiastically promoted active learning methods in lessons, such as group learning. In general, the engagement level has increased in most of the lessons that had been somewhat inactive until then. I am also pleased to report that the number of students’ positive remarks about lessons has also increased.

Initially, it was necessary to adjust and focus on the teaching environment here in order to carry out online learning, but looking forward, it is equally important to continue developing and improving the abilities and teaching skills of all teachers. To that end, our school holds seminars to improve the technology-related teaching skills of said teachers under the leadership of the ICT Education Enhancement Team. ICT technologies develop and evolve remarkably quickly and we are working hard to incorporate and utilize these valuable tools throughout the school as speedily as possible.

It is clear that the severity of the situation surrounding coronavirus will continue into the near future. What is important now, given this situation, is for us to focus on improving our student’s academic growth. A number of teachers have continued delivering lessons and lessons materials online since our school reopened, and it will be more important than ever from now to find ways to effectively blend online learning with traditional classroom-based lessons and materials here at school.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno