現在、樟蔭学園は「樟蔭美」というテーマのもと、大学、中学・高校、幼稚園のそれぞれが目標を設定し教育活動を進めています。中学・高校は“Little Ladyの育成”を合言葉に、「美の追求と体現」に取り組んでいます。






校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”Developing Aesthetic Awareness”

Under the heading of “Beauty of Shoin Academy”, the university, junior high school and high school, and kindergarten have set themselves individual goals and are promoting a wide range of educational activities. The junior high and high schools in particular, are working on “the pursuit and embodiment of beauty” in accordance with the official school slogan “Little Lady”.

According to the dictionary, the concept of “beauty” relates to something attractive in appearance, shape, and color, is impressive, is something that stimulates perception, sensation, and emotion in a way that causes internal pleasure, and so on. “Beauty” is a concept that is very difficult to define.

Beauty consciousness expresses one’s awareness, sense, and attitude toward “beauty”. For example, individuals can feel when something is good, when something is wrong, etc. Tastes differs among individuals. We are currently working on a number of projects that foster intuition and aesthetic sense. Below are some examples.

In the junior high school, we are promoting various initiatives as part of a comprehensive study plan for each course. The GS lessons focus on all-English expression activities, the SS lessons on beautiful characters, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and the basics of home economics, and PP lessons on learning to express oneself in a variety of ways.

Other initiatives include the “Flower Education Project” underway in the junior high school that cultivates a feeling of kindness and beauty through the opportunity to learn about growing flowers and greenery, the “Pride Card” that praises good deeds that the whole school is working on, and the CSA volunteer circle. These kinds of initiatives are unique to girls’ schools.

By raising aesthetic awareness in this way, we can help students to develop greater self-esteem and self-affirmation, which in turn, will lead students on to loftier aspirations. This awareness can also help individuals to see themselves in a more objective manner, and lead to more “beautiful” etiquette. By focusing on the idea of beauty in this way, the aesthetic sense will be further improved. Next year, we will continue to work more on “pursuing and embodying beauty.”

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno