そのような厳しい状況の中でも、生徒たちは明るく学校生活を送っています。まさに女子校の強さでしょう。生徒同士や教員との仲が良いのが本校の特徴と言われていますが、生徒の笑顔に我々も元気付けられています。特に今年の中学校新入生たちの元気の良さ、明るさには思わず笑顔になってしまいます。この中学・高校の“Little Lady”たちとコロナに負けず、明るく毎日を送っていきましょう。

校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”The third year of the Reiwa”

The third year of the Reiwa period has begun. On April 8th, we were able to start the school year by holding an entrance ceremony for high school students and parents in the morning and then did the same for the junior high school in the afternoon. From April 5th to May 5th, strict measures to prevent the further spread of coronavirus were applied to Osaka Prefecture, and in a solemn atmosphere, ceremonies were held for only new students and a limited number of parents.

The opening ceremony, held the following day, was broadcast to students in their classrooms to avoid crowding, and all students were able to start their new school year with their homeroom classmates. Under the restrictions applied due to the current coronavirus situation, club activities have only been able to proceed for about an hour on weekdays and two on holidays for those clubs and club members involved in upcoming official competitions. All other clubs have been instructed to suspend their activities. Our school is normally devoted to many types of club activities attended by many students, however, presently it is quiet after school. This is not like our school.

Unfortunately, the spread of coronavirus infection did not stop after that, and a third state of emergency was issued from April 25th to May 11th. As a result, many school events have had to be canceled or postponed. It is unlikely that the situation after the end of this period will improve dramatically, and for our school, the health and safety of our students is the priority. To their credit, and despite the difficult conditions under which school life has continued since the beginning of last year, the students at Shoin have persevered and continued to do their best.

Even in such a difficult situation, Shoin students are living their school lives enthusiastically and to the utmost. This is exactly what epitomizes a girls’ school like Shoin. It is said that our school is characterized by the good relationships between students and teachers, but we are also encouraged by the smiles of the students. In particular, the cheerfulness and brightness of this year’s junior high school first graders makes me smile. Let’s continue shine brightly day and day out with the “Little Ladies” of Shoin Junior High School and Shoin High School.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno