樟蔭中高では、校長ブログ3月号でも紹介しましたが、“Little Ladyの育成”を合言葉にして「美の追求と体現」に取り組んでいます。中高それぞれのコース授業や総合的な探究の時間において、内容を工夫して表現力を身に付けるための実践を進めています。

中学3年の総合進学コースにおけるSS(Standard Study)レッスンは週4時間ありますが、その中の1時間は「表現」という授業を行っています。担当者は中学校の副校長と私、つまり管理職が担当しています。授業の場所は中高の図書館、書籍を活用しながら授業を進めていきます。





校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”Expression”

At Shoin, we continue to strive towards the “pursuit and embodiment of beauty” with the school motto being “Raising young ladies,” as previously mentioned in the Headmaster’s blog March edition. Each of our courses at the Junior High and High School are tailored towards developing students’ skills in self-expression and independent thought.

In the comprehensive advancement course in the third grade of the Junior High school, four hours a week are devoted to “Standard Study” lessons, one hour of which focusing on student “expression.” The vice principal of the Junior High school and myself oversee the lessons which take place in the school library making full use of a multitude of reading materials.

When lessons began in April, a specialist from a separate institution visited Shoin and delivered a lecture to the students entitled “What is power of expression?” Then in May, myself and the vice principal began our lessons. At the start, the vice principal gave a lesson with the theme of making POP – advertisements and display items to be shown in a shopfront or stall.

We often see these various advertisements and display items at supermarkets, convenience stores, bookstores and drugstores giving us information on popular brands, new products and price reductions. The purpose of these advertisements is to offer the consumer information about the products and convince them to make purchases.

Students in the class divide themselves into groups of four, each group creating an advertisement of a book they like that they can present. At present, we have completed two lessons and the students appear to be working hard together on the task which at first seemed bewildering.

In the future, I’d like to use the same “POP” method to introduce and advertise the strong points of Shoin Junior High and Shoin High school. Furthermore, I’d like to have the students develop their power of expression using images and movies, creating a more effective and enjoyable way to introduce and advertise the school.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno