校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”How to go to school”

Our school is located about 400m from Kawachi Kosaka Station on the Kintetsu Nara Line and about 500m from JR Kawachi Eiwa Station on the JR Osaka Higashi Line and so considered to be close to these stations. According to information posted in nearby real estate agencies and local accommodation websites, this equates to a brief 5- or 6-minute walk from the aforementioned stations to Shoin. Due to this close proximity, many students travel to and from school using the Kintetsu or JR lines.

The percentage of students who commute to Shoin by train used to be over 70%, but since 2019, it has increased to more than 80%. The main reason for this is believed to be due to the opening of the Osaka Higashi Line on March 16, 2019. This line takes passengers from Shin-Osaka Station to Kyuhoji Station without the need to transfer.

From March 2008 until this recent extension, the Osaka Higashi Line was only operational between Hanaten Station and Kyuhoji Station, and students had to transfer from the Gakken-Toshi Line at Hanaten Station or from the Yamatoji Line at Kyuhoji Station. About 10% of Shoin’s students did this at that time in order to get to school.

Due to the addition of these stops between Shin-Osaka Station and Hanaten Station, it is now possible for students to get to school from much a wider area in a shorter amount of time. For example, one can now easily transfer from the Keihan Line at JR Noe Station, which is 11 minutes from JR Kawachi Eiwa Station, and from the Hankyu Line at JR Awaji Station, which is 16 minutes away. Additionally, it takes only 22 minutes to travel directly from Shin-Osaka Station to JR Kawachi Eiwa station using the Osaka Higashi Line.

Currently, there are about 160 students at Shoin High School who use the Osaka Higashi Line. This has increased by about 50 since the line opened in its entirety in 2019. However, there are about 10 students each who transfer to the Osaka Higashi Line from the Keihan Line or the Hankyu Line. Finally, I would like everyone to know that it takes about 50 to 60 minutes to travel to Shoin from Keihan Hirakatashi Station or Hankyu Takatsukishi Station.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno