校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”Shoin Expo”

Last year, due to the spread of COVID-19, the open school held in August was carried out online. This year’s open school, held on August 21st and called ‘Shoin Expo’, however, was in person and put on by the junior and senior high school. Incorporated into this year’s Shoin Expo were a variety of events such as information sessions and exhibitions for each course, presentations for the physical expression course and literary clubs, mini-experience classes, and individual consultations with prospective students and parents.

As part of these events, a guest roundtable discussion involving two notable graduates from Shoin was held. The graduates who joined us for the Shoin Expo were Junko Miyake and Ichie (her stage name). Both former students spent six years studying at Shoin Junior High School and Shoin High School and are now actively involved in the arts and television. It was a fun project and centered on interaction with some of our current students.

Ms. Miyake belonged to the dance club while at Shoin Junior High School and Senior High School. After graduating from the Faculty of Informatics at Kansai University, she worked in dance, music, and stage before joining the Kansai branch of the Japan Weather Association. Currently she is the mother to one child and is now a producer for the weather and educational toy brand “Irodori Kuradosha”. As a weather presenter, she has appeared on NHK Sendai’s “Ohayo Miyagi” and “Hiruhapi” programs, NHK Osaka’s ” Ohayo Kansai” and “Gurutto Kansai Ohirumae” programs, NHK Tokyo’s “News Check 11”, and TV Osaka’s “Yasashi News” program.

Ichie says that she started her performing arts activities at the age of four. While she was a student at Shoin Junior High School and Senior High School, she belonged to the light music club and served as the director where she was in charge of vocals. She then went on to Osaka Shoin Women’s University and thereafter graduated from the Faculty of Health and Nutrition.

As an actress, she appeared in the NHK morning drama “Ochoyan” as the character Mayumi Nishiwaki, in the drama “Manpuku” as Jun Ogura, and in “Beppin-san” as Reiko. She also had a role in the Saturday drama “Rokujoma no Pianoman – Dainiwa – Yasashi Musuko”. She is also active in a wide range of other fields including making television commercials for companies such as “Google” and “Monotarou”, as well as participating in radio and the theater.

Both former students were cheerful, and being graduates of an all-girl’s school, helped to create a relaxed atmosphere. As well as the students who were in attendance, the visiting elementary and junior high school students and their parents seemed to be very satisfied with the peaceful atmosphere after the roundtable discussion. Shoin has many graduates who are working hard and successfully in a variety of fields. We will continue to plan and carry out initiatives and events such as this in the future.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno