校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”Things we like.”

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have now come to a close and despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19, they were a heart-warming success. I’m sure many of us were glued to our screens at home, enjoying the games. I watched many interviews with the athletes and was struck by the various accounts of what they had to overcome to reach the games. Listening to the athletes, I learned that most of them had one thing in common. They all had many failures and disappointments on their road to the Olympics, and their training was extremely hard. Nevertheless, their love of the sport was strong. At the opening ceremony of the second term, I told the students a similar kind of story.

You improve at something if you love it. Anybody will work hard, study and try various techniques, if they love what they are doing, and will naturally become good at it. If people push themselves to do something they don’t like, they seldom improve at it. With all things, it’s important to love it if you want to become good at it.
If someone devotes themselves to something, even if they are only a novice at first, they will surely improve if they have passion for what they’re doing. And I urge those who are not devoting themselves to anything to look for something they love doing.

Schools strive to provide education that complies with the individual. In other words, educating while respecting the student’s individuality. Teachers make efforts in order to support students to develop and discover their own abilities and talents. With our school being a girls-only school, students can continue to grow without the concern of what boys think of them, providing an environment where girls can develop into independent ladies.

In the student questionnaire, around 80% of both junior high and high school students replied positively to the question: “Are you currently devoting yourself to anything?” The details of the results are not specific, but I’m sure the answers will include club activities, volunteer activities, studying English and various other hobbies. I hope students continue to try many different things in order to find something they can feel passionate about.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno