校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”Diligent application”

We held the second Junior High School pre-test on Saturday November 20th. After tests in three subjects were completed, the gymnastics clubs (including the dance club, baton twirling club, pon-pon cheerleading club and gymnastics club) performed for the examinees and their parents in the sports hall. All clubs gave a wonderful performance, priding themselves on being at the top level in the country.

The number of new COVID-19 cases has finally settled down, and despite the various restrictions in training faced by the clubs, they worked hard to make up the deficit in practice and succeeded to deliver the same high level of performance. Not one, but all clubs have managed to maintain their top-class level in the country which is an outstanding feat.

The characters which make up the phrase of “diligent application” in Japanese have interesting origins. The first of which refers to chopping up the bones and horns of a beast. The second refers to polishing stones or horns. The third refers to chiseling and shaping stones and rocks. The last character refers to the polishing of stones. In other words, bones, stones, and rocks can be processed to form beautiful treasures. Put differently, team members can improve by working together, encouraging each other, and training hard.

The phrase “diligent application” is very appropriate when describing the performance of the members of the four clubs. Each member encourages the other by their diligent practice and dedication, continuously improving as a team. Furthermore, each club member has confidence and pride in their club, ever striving for perfection. That is surely a quality only present in a girls school. This applies not only to club activities, but also to everyday school life, of which the basis is consideration and encouragement of others. I therefore look forward to “diligent application” from all our students.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno