校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”The Winter Olympics”

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics were held from February 4th to 20th (16 days) with over 102 events in 7 sports, and as in last year’s Tokyo Olympics, there were many remarkable and moving scenes. The performances of the individual gold medalists Ryoyu Kobayashi, Ayumu Hirano, Miho Takagi, as well as those of Yuma Kagiyama, Akito Watabe, Kokomo Murase, and others who won individual silver and bronze medals, were truly inspiring.

At the same time, what left such a strong impression on me was the resolve and determination shown by the team competitors in the group events. All of the team pursuits, including women’s curling, the figure skating team competitions, Nordic skiing, etc. were wonderful. Unfortunately, Japan wasn’t able to win a medal in this event, but the final of the ski jumping mixed team competition was also excellent.

The team competitions, which are also seen in sports like kendo and judo, are basically individual competitions, but in a format in which multiple competitors work together as one team. Each match itself is an individual match, and the results of these individual matches are combined to determine the outcome for each team. There are different types of formats within these team events such as “tournament rounds” which is a style whereby competitors compete against each other in a set order, as well as “knockout rounds” in which a competitor competes until they are ultimately beaten. Japan has traditionally been very good at this type of team competition.

Studying for entrance exams is often described as a team competition. This is because studying for entrance exams is not always something done by oneself. The practice of friends encouraging and supporting each other by working together, working together as classes, and together as an entire grade can be a very powerful thing. After watching the figure skating and ski jumping team competitions, this was the reassuring impression I was left with.

On February 22, we proudly reported to Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture that the Shoin Junior and Senior High School baton twirling and pompon cheer clubs had won all of their events at the two major tournaments nationwide and talked about the importance of working together as a team. Encouraging and supporting each other is exactly what a girls’ school is good at. I would like to continue to cherish this ideal.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno