校 長  楠野 宣孝

【English version】”During the closure of the school”

The graduation ceremonies for the high school and junior high school were held on March 3rd and March 18th respectively. In an attempt to limit the spread of Coronavirus, the ceremonies were kept shorter than usual and in spite of the serious circumstances, the ceremonies were a wonderful success. The students who graduated began the start of their second years in junior high school and high school not being able to attend school due to its closure under Coronavirus restrictions. Since then, many school events were either cancelled or shortened as a result of the pandemic. The students who graduated really had to endure a lot, and one of them shared her story with me about how she spent her time during the closure of the school.

While the school was closed, she couldn’t attend her club activities, and while she lay around the house, she decided to start studying Korean after already becoming a fan of Korean dramas. She bought a beginner level textbook and gradually began to enjoy studying more and more. She later started to use YouTube and found she could understand basic Korean conversations.

When school restarted and her club activities commenced, she continued to study Korean. She selected the Korean class in school and was able to ask the teacher many different questions in Korean. Even when she was exhausted after her club activities, she still continued studying. In the third grade, she became the captain of her club and even busier than before. But at that time, for some reason, she felt that she really enjoyed school. I think this is because she took the initiative, chose something by herself and devoted herself to it.

After that, she continued to study very enthusiastically, and in July of her third grade in high school, she passed grade 6 – the highest level of the Korean language proficiency test. She then decided to apply to several universities in Korea, took the entrance exams, and passed three of them. She decided to attend Kanyou university, ranked 3rd most prestigious university in Korea out of 224 institutions. The other two universities she passed were ranked 2nd and 6th most prestigious, according to the Korean newspaper company Central Daily Report.

This year, the club she captained won the national championships and at the end of February was able to make a courtesy visit to the Osaka prefectural governor. A student who showed mastery of both the literary and physical arts, I would like to commend her ability to make a decision and to see it through till the end with consistent hard work. At the school’s closing ceremony on March 19th, I told her splendid story to her juniors.

Principal Nobutaka Kusuno