On June 20, a delivery lunch box “Delimori Bento” system for junior high school students started. This kind of lunchbox was conceived by the school cafeteria “Gokigen Shokudo”. It is for junior high school students who don’t or can’t bring a lunch from home. This lunchbox is ordered in the morning and is ready by lunchtime. So far and one week after the program launch, 15 students have signed up for lunchboxes. We are now approaching the time for final exams, so I don’t think this new lunchbox system will be fully utilized until the start of the second semester. In addition, the name “Delimori Bento” was chosen for the lunchbox program by the students themselves.

Regarding school lunches at public junior high schools in Osaka Prefecture as of March 2011, only about 12% provided them. However, due to the efforts made by the prefecture, this rate had increased to 65% by March 2015. By 2019, this rate had increased all the way to 100% in Osaka, Higashi Osaka, Sakai and Yao cities.

It goes without saying that it is important for growing students to have a nutritionally balanced diet. However, even at Shoin Junior High School, there are households in which it is difficult to prepare lunch boxes due to time constraints. We need to have a nutritionally balanced school lunch option for these students at our school.

Due to this, I immediately took up this proposal for lunchboxes from “Gokigen Shokudo”. Shoin’s “Gokigen Shokudo” promotes the idea that “a healthy body starts with healthy food”. We should be particular about foods that are kind to the body and mind, stick to good ingredients and handmade food, and take care of the environment regarding leftover foods. We are also actively keeping in mind SDGs by doing our best to reduce food waste.

The other day, I asked parents and students, from both the junior high and high school, to try the lunchboxes. Everyone seemed satisfied with them. Therefore, we will also inform high school students about “Delimori Bento” soon, further strengthening our support to students at school, at home, and everywhere.