AR in the Classroom

Do you know what AR is or what the two letters in this technology-related abbreviation mean?

The ‘a’ stands for augmented and the ‘r’ stands for reality. The word ‘augment’ means to make something larger or better by adding to it. ‘Reality’ simply means the world around us.

Probably the most common or familiar example of augmented reality (AR) is the mobile game everyone knows called Pokemon Go. This game adds (augments) characters to our surroundings (reality) through the use of a smartphone or tablet camera.

However, with more and more students having access to the Internet and smart devices during school time, AR is becoming more popular as an educational tool and not just for gaming or entertainment.

AR can be used in many ways in the classroom as a teaching tool in practically any subject. In fact, it is now even possible to create your own AR scenes with pictures, video, text, and sound. All you need is a smart device, a little space to move around, and some creativity.

If you’re interested in trying an AR experience or want to learn more about it, please visit the iLounge!

Some of the free AR apps I have been using in lessons.

  • Metaverse
  • Google Expeditions
  • Adobe Aero

Sample AR screenshots: