Hello everyone. My name is John Gibson. I’m from Wellington, in New Zealand. I have just started working at the ELTC. 

I’ve been interested in Japanese culture since I was young, and have lived in the Kansai area since 2015. I really enjoy traveling to new places and trying different foods. In New Zealand, I like fishing, and going to the beach. Please come and talk with me in the ELTC.

The ELTC is a learning support center on the 2nd floor of the Seishikan building. It has lots of different exam preparation materials, like textbooks, CDs, and dictionaries, and example tests for TOEIC, TOEFL, and EIKEN exams. The English-speaking staff will also help you practice for interview tests.  

There are also lots of foreign DVDs, and English comic books and graded readers which you can borrow, and you can play English card games and board games with your friends, or chat with native speakers as well.

The ELTC is open from Monday to Friday, 8:50AM to 6:00PM, and on Saturday from 8:50AM to 4:30PM. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you.


Glossary (用語集):

interested in – ~に興味がある 

fishing – 釣

exam – 試験

preparation – 準備

materials – 資料

example test – 模擬試験

borrow – 借りる

chat – 会話

look forward to – ~を楽しみにする

getting to know – ~仲良くする