The high school softball tournament was held last week and I was lucky enough to watch several of the matches. There are many potential problems with holding a sports event outdoors during the rainy season, not to mention the humidity, but thankfully the weather didn’t spoil many games and the tournament was a success.

Seven teams from the second grade took part in the tournament and they all played with lots of vigor and enthusiasm. The Final match was played on Friday afternoon between “Hana” and “Haru.” It was a close game, but in the end, “Hana” were the victorious.

The most impressive thing I thought about the tournament was how the students cheered, encouraged and supported each other, even when their team was losing. Everybody showed great positivity and sportsmanship and I truly felt that in sport, the most important thing is not winning; it’s taking part. Well done to all the students who tried hard in the tournament and I hope you all made some wonderful memories. 🙂



was held 開催された

potential problems 潜在的な問題

not to mention… ~言うまでもなく

humidity 湿気

spoil 台無しにする

vigor 活気

enthusiasm 熱意

a close game 互角勝負

victorious 勝利を得た

impressive 印象的

encourage 励ます

truly felt 実に思った

Well done 良くできた