Shoin’s “Body Expression” performance was held on April 29th at the Cultural Creation Hall in Higashiosaka. Since the day was a public holiday, I decided to take my 6-year-old daughter to see the performance.  She has been learning ballet for the past three years and was very keen to watch older girls perform similar arts. She had previously met some of the members of the 身体表現 course at the school’s 文化祭 in October last year and was eager to meet them again and see them in action. I had also helped to increase her enthusiasm by describing how well the 身体表現 teams perform and how diligently they practice.

The weather was very windy and rainy on the day of the performance, and after taking three trains, we finally arrived at the venue. I had misunderstood the starting time of the event, and as a result we arrived over one hour early, leaving us nothing to do but kill time in the café and enjoy a pizza.

When the show finally began, we were allocated seats on the 5th or 6th row from the stage giving us a splendid view of all the performers and the wonderful moves they executed. My daughter was captivated by the performance and I too was particularly impressed by the baton twirling. The balance, flexibility, timing and skill required in the performances was outstanding and after seeing the 身体表現 students practicing hard day in and day out, I was moved to see the fruits of their labour. Every single performance was worthy of praise and the members of all the clubs should be proud of themselves for delivering such an outstanding performance. My daughter was jumping around the house in excitement after we got home, greatly inspired to try harder in her ballet class and hopefully one day reach the same level as the Shoin girls.

Thank you and well done to all the members of the 身体表現 course.

Robert Normile



Keen to –  ~することに乗り気になっている

Previously –  前に

Enthusiasm –  熱意

Allocate –  割り当てる

Be captivated by –  ~に魅了されている

Fruits of (one’s) labour –  努力の成果