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About Shoin

Osaka Shoin Women’s University is one of the nation’s leading women’s institutions for higher education, with a history and tradition of over 99 years. Osaka Shoin Women’s University traces its roots back to 1926 with the founding of Shoin Girls' High school, which evolved into the Shoin Women’s College in 1926. In those days, there were very few secondary education schools where young women in Japan were able to study, so they had to endure the high pressure of passing examinations. Responding to such an unfortunate situation, Mr. Heizo Mori, the founder of Osaka Shoin Women’s University, opposed the fruitless competition of passing examinations and disagreed with the biased system that favoured only brilliant students. He devoted himself to the fulfilment of higher education and culture for female students by building the most enhanced educational environment equipped with select facilities. This is how Shoin Girls' High school began.