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The Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program

One-month Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program
(Beginner and Pre-Intermediate Level Course)

This program provides an introductory-level Japanese course with four weeks of intensive training of Japanese language and culture.
The students study Japanese language in morning classes, and traditional Japanese culture, such as calligraphy, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony in afternoon classes. The campus location is so convenient that the program can offer opportunities to visit Japanese cultural assets in Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka every week.
The students can share time with a host family and “conversation partners” (our students) and spend the time meaningfully during their stay.

One-year Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program
(Upper Intermediate and Advanced Level Course)

This program is called “Shoin Japanese Culture Course” and is designed to offer education such as learning language and Japanese social matters, and understanding Japanese culture to foreign students with the Public Scholarship Program sponsored by the Ministry of Education.
The program aims at improving the students’ skills of the Japanese language, and acquiring knowledge of Japanese language and culture in order to be of use for research and study of Japan’s culture and society and to communicate within the society.
In particular, the program offers the opportunity to learn about the important role of Japanese women in the formation of modern Japan through varied classes on Japanese social culture.

link Please see "here" (Japanese only) for further details about the Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program.