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International Students

Tutors for Foreign Students Program

We have a tutor system to support foreign students studying on our campus to better accomplish learning and research. Tutors are selected from university students and provide foreign students with guidance and support for every facet of campus life, education, classes, and research, under the mentorship of supervising professors.

Health Insurance System

Foreigners who will be staying in Japan for a period of more than 1 year have to subscribe to “National Health Insurance”. Please register for the National Health Insurance at the desk of National Health Insurance Section of your nearest local city/ward office.

Immigration Procedures (Residency Status)

The renewed system of residence management control started on July 9th , 2012, with the termination of the Foreign resident registration system. Instead, mid to long term foreign visitors who stay in Japan for more than 90 days are required to apply for a Non-Japanese Registration Card at the regional city/ward office in the area which they reside. It is important that this Card is carried at all times and presented to authorized officials when requested. If the status information stated on the residence card or activities initially applied for is discontinued to engage in other activities, the card must be updated accordingly. In this case, the application must be filed at Regional Immigration Bureaus.


We have a Risk Management Manual to realize a campus life where foreign students can live feeling reassured.

pdf Risk Management Manual for foreign students of short-term stay (Japanese) (171KB)