Principal’s blog.
What Shoin is striving to achieve. R5.3.31

When explaining what Shoin junior high and high schools are striving to achieve, the first words I must introduce are “intelligence” and “sensibility.” According to the dictionary, “intelligence” is a knowledge of things, thinking, and the ability to judge matters. Put simply, “thinking ability.” Similarly, “sensibility” is to be moved by beauty or magnificent things and to have a wide range of emotions. Put simply, a “warm heart.”

Also, another catchphrase of Shoin’s is, “Knowledge, Emotion, and Will.” Namely, knowledge of things and the ability to think for oneself; to have various emotions and the ability to be moved; and the willpower to make decisions for yourself and see things through to the end, i.e. psychological independence.

According to the founder of Shoin, Mori Heizo, Shoin was founded on the spirit of raising young women to contribute to society with intelligence and sensibility. Thus, it can be said that the catchphrase “Knowledge, Emotion and Will” sums up what Shoin junior high and high schools are striving to achieve – raising women to have intelligence, sensibility and independence.

Shoin was founded 106 years ago, so we are now at the start of the next 100 years of the school’s history. Although the environment surrounding the school has changed over the years, the spirit of striving to achieve the goals set out at the school’s foundation is as present as ever.